Global CSR campaing for AXA Insurance making people realise that they have inner power to help others and encouraging them to take action.


People know a lot about first aid, buy seldom help the victims. They usually wait for ambulance but any delay can cause death. Average time for ambulance arrival at the spot is 7 minutes. But the human brain dies after 4. So, it is crucial to start CPR action at once.


The reasons why people don’t help are diverse: some are afraid that they would harm people, some are afraid of possible legal consequences, some are just shy. AXA takes the challenge to convince people, that it is better to do anything than nothing, and encourage people to find inner power to take the action.


Client: AXA
Agency: Saatchi&Saatchi IS

Production House: Dobro
Postproduction: Platige Image

Creative Director: Danuta Nierada
Copywriter: Krzysztof Nienaltowski

Art Director: Fryderyk Klyszcz
Strategy: Dominika Sztejnert, Filip Beźnicki, Grzegorz Klebański
Client Service: Karolina Pisarek, Monika Niechajewicz,Magdalena Stryjewska, Hanna Horalska
Film Director: Simon Ellis
DOP: David Procter

Producer: Armelle Soudron